SW Logistic Park is located on the potential site for the Smart City pilot project in according to Thailand's new economic plan as a hub of connectivity to cities at the regional level of neighboring countries in South East Asia. 

This is the beginning of the story of key of logistic that combine economic expansion along the Economic Corridor through the best new strategically located place of the port city and high-speed rail in Rayong to become a hub of ASEAN countries in the eastern region.

SW Logistic Park  is “The key to business success” for all businesses both domestically and internationally. We set new standards by raising and maintaining superior service standards with the right environment for the warehousing, factory and logistics industry in Southeast Asia (EEC). This is important factor to create value to our ecosystem for our client to become a quality entrepreneur who recognizes the value of satisfaction in vision of  his consumer targets.

The power of change for the better with innovative solutions at SW Logistic Park is a well designed, sustainable environmental solution in the process of End-to-End Solution. The professional common areas and utilities to support to be a large industrial estate perfectly and ingeniously working for our client.

All roads within the project are reinforced concrete roads with steel frames at TIS 20 and TIS 24 high standards for industry areas, the road design for support the large trucks weighing more than 10 tons.

Drainage system and automatic flood protection system
The drainage pipes under every project area are designed with meticulous care from the study of urban planning according to geographic location combine with the information from the Royal Irrigation Department, as well as the installation of an AI system for automatic flood warnings in order to expedite drainage water out of area.

Duty Free Zone
The SW Logistic Park project has been granted a duty free zone, demonstrating our vision of becoming a leader in warehouse and logistics with the New Economic Corridor in South East Asia.

SW Logistic Park the Kirin of Southeast Asia who ready to leading the warehouse industry into the new edge according to the policy of adapting the global trends in Southeast Asia with innovative systems located on potential of the Eastern Region of Thailand

The Green Industry that cares about the environment within the ecosystem is the ideals of SW Logistic Park, there are complete utilities. The secret to fulfill the service is to pays attention to the best technology Biotechnology for waste water treatment to preserve the ecosystem and to optimize the management system for specific applications in warehouse and factory areas.
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