SW Logistics Park is located in a potential area in Rayong, only 5 kilometers from Map Ta Phut Industrial Estate, near U-Tapao International Airport, and easy to travel by highway and expressways on many routes.

The geography of the area is highland, not basin-like as in the eastern region, which is free from flooding problems a common problem in industrial estates and other areas of Rayong, SW Logistics Park is considered a new area that is very suitable for the establishment of warehouses and factories.

It is also a new area for pilot development along the lines of the Thai Economic Corridor Development Plan to become a smart city according to the Thai economic recovery strategy to open the city for potential investors. Adopt world-class technology in the construction of warehouses and factories for rental services, as well as design and create an environment that is fully equipped with full facilities and utilities to cover the space and be stronger; and supply all needs of being a leader in warehouse and factory rental services, including logistics transportation for entrepreneurs in Thailand's industrial sector. SW LOGISTIC PARK excels in distribution to all domestic and international markets. 
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