Suwan Property Development Co., Ltd. is a new concept company for development of the Thai business on sustainability ideas under the project name “SW Logistic Park” located on potential areas for renting world-class service of warehouse and factories units with many facilities for support the investor ’s aim.




with more than

on warehouse and logistic industrial. Our vision focusing on promoting and drive the the model of real estate department and logistics business together on area over 760 Rai surround with facility in areas and far from Map Ta Phut Estate in Rayong only 5 kilometers. This is a new strategic areas designed to connecting to all business service for many industrial project.

World-class warehouse solution service provider

Large areas of warehouse and factory space for rent
World-class standard warehouse solution service provider

Leading & support all businesses
with smart distribution software
Intelligent processing software
and smart security 24/7
Some of our clients

"GMP standard warehouse" is a warehouse that strictly follows and operates according to international standards The abbreviation “GMP” stands for “good manufacturing practices” and includes guidelines and procedures related to the quality assurance, production, handling, storage, and distribution of medicines.

Ready Build to suit warehouse size 8,000 sq m. Complete with utilities Security includes 24-hour CCTV and complete facilities according

Congratulating the official Grand Opening of the new Coperion Southeast Asia with an opening ceremony on October 11, 2023 at 10:30 a.m.

“Ready to welcome industrial customers Electric vehicle parts Ready built in Rayong ready to serve. Size 1,000 sq m - 20,000 sq m.

#Project Mini Factory Rayong on the golden location of Rayong Province in the purple area Near Map Ta Phut Industrial Estate

SW15 building handover ceremony to Sangkyu instead July 3, 2023

SW logistics park we'r ready to provide fulfillment services. We have a complete system ready to serve you with modern technology. and respond to all customer groups

Coperion SEA Ltd. Coperion SEA Ltd. expands overseas business On the area within the SW Logistics Park project, size 1,050 sq m.

MPT is a company producing Colored Compounded Powder, located within the SW Logistics Park project on an area of ​​6,500 square meters.

News activities Update activities of the project here. Ready to increase potential, create business, add value sustainably

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