Warehouse building details Warehouse type;
• Area for rent : 1,500 – 10,000 sq.m./unit
• Building floor weight capacity : 5 tons/square meter
• Building construction technique : Steel fiber
• Surface of the building floor : Burnished Floor
• The building floor is higher than the road level in front of the building : +0.05 and +1.40 m.
• Height of the building from the floor to the head of the pillar : 9 -12m.
• Roof : Metal sheet with insulation
• Lighting : LED Highbey

A world-class standard warehouse for rent on a prime location that brings high-performance technology systems to manage the entire security system, whether it's 24 hours CCTV, monitoring motion detection, processing and reporting results via automated AI, using warehouse Manager or WMS system in distribution products for sellers in all regions, both domestic and international. All  network of front-line logistics transportation systems controlled by new technology “Transportation Management System or TMS”  software
*The surface of the building uses Burnished Floor innovation to help the floor look slippery. Suitable for forklifts and freight forwarding, enhancing industrial floor applications.

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