Industrial area for factory business that is equipped with utilities, 24-hour CCTV security and complete facilities according to ISO, HACCP international standards that can support both large business groups and small-medium enterprises or SMEs, suitable for starting new businesses and expanding existing businesses to powerful growth.

Area for rent : 1,500 – 10,000 sq.m./unit
• Building floor weight capacity: 5 tons/square meter
 Building construction technique : Steel fiber
 Surface of the building floor : Burnished Floor
 The floor of the building is higher than the road level in front of the building : +0.05 m.
 Height of the building from the floor to the head of the pillar : 9 m.
 Roof: Metal sheet with insulation
 Lighting: LED Highbey
 Brightness value: 300 Lux
 *The building area uses new innovations, topped with Steel Fiber which is strong, flexible, able to withstand more impact, does not collapse, located on a plateau in Rayong, safe from flooding problems within the estate.
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